The Jaguars

The musical ensemble The Jaguars was formed in 1965, when in most populations began tu emerge this kind of bands.

The original ensemble consisted of: José Antonio Gómez Puertes "Toni el Gat", rhythmic guitar (La Pobla de Vallbona); Vicente Ruiz "Nilo", singer (La Pobla de Vallbona); Vicente Campos "Mona", drums (Benaguasil); Vicente Alonso "el Chino", lead guitar (Benaguacil) y Leopoldo Castillo, bass (Benaguacil),

This first formation was called THE PITERSTON.

First changes: Vicente Alonso leave the group to join LOS KRAMERS, remaining four. Vicente Ruíz takes over the rhythm guitar and Toni Gómez the lead guitar.

Afther a while, Vicente Campos, drums, leave the group to pursue musis professionally, being replaced by Roberto Enguiz (Ribarroja), who came from the group LLUIS MIQUEL I ELS 4Z.

Subsequently, Leopoldo Castillo, bassit, joins the military service, being the raplaced by Antonio Soriano (Albacete), parter of Toni Gómez in RONDALLA EL CISNE, of La Pobla de Vallbona.

During that time, the ensemble THE JAGUARS became the official group of The Universitary Clus of Valencia. The perform every sunday afternoon and in festive events. The would remain there for several years, until their dissolution. In addition, the group continues to perform at multiple parties.

The next change occurs when the singer, Vicente Ruíz, joins the military service, being replaced by Esteve Micó "Steve" (Benisanó), from the group LOS BENAGUAS, who besides singing, brings the trumpet. Also incorporated at these stage, due the new musical trends, Juan José Sayas (Chelva), who takes care of the keyboards.

It was the group's most successful period, by the hand of a manager that brought the best singers and groups of the moment, coming to perform as opening act of LOS CANARIOS by Teddy Bautista, in the Oliva Hall Gran Vía.

The group that appears in the next photograph, is the last formation of that time and the longest, until its dissolution in 1969 due military service.

Alter 43 years, in 2012, Toni Gómez, lead guitar and Toni Soriano, bassits, they meet again and decide to recover that wonderful music of the 60s. They are joined shortly Vicente Ruíz, singer and rhythmic guitar.

In everyone's mind is to reconstitute the group, in the absent of Juan José Sayas, deceased keyboardist, a few years ago.

Unfortanately, and despite having previusly contacted with Roberto Enguix, drummer, when the rehearsals start, he cannot be counted on due to his sudden demise.

To replace him is incorporated Vicente Cortina, renowned musician que who has been in groups like AL TALL y COTO EN PEL, among others.

The group THE JAGUARS beging their resealhals and start working again, performing at various concerts and events.

Photo corresponding to the group's first performance, after their reunification, at Municipal Garden of La Pobla de Vallbona, at 28 february 2014.

Subsequently, and in full group operation, the excellent keyboar player, Juan Hernández, from the knowing PIEDRAS AZULES join the group and from 2016, after the going out of Vicente Cortina, his friend Juan Acedo, drummer.

Is the formation of the group that is consolidated at this time, being required for concerts, radio and tv interviews, on different local stations.

Normally their concerts are divided between performances for private events and their selfless and supportive participation with NGOs, to raises funds for social causes.

His performances are highly appreciated by the public, due the type of musical repertoire. basically instrumental and on the themes from the 60s.

Their concerts are known through social networks, and for this are required to perform in the Netherlands, during the Cliff Richard & The Shadows 61 Convention.

The participation of THE JAGUARS in this event, the most important in Europe, was a great experience for the group, for various reasons.

First of all, due to its musical relationship whith the other groups, with an important level in this type of music. For the knowledge of the existing musical culture outside our country. Because of the relationship with the members of the other groups and above all with the public that came back to our group, to the point that the performance had to be prolonged.

Wonderful experience, due to the age of the members of the group and satisfaction for having done a good concert, representing our country, before an audience that knows and understans this type of music.

As of 2019 and after the departure of drummer Juan Acedo, a good friend and musician, Vicente Segarra, better know as Martin Yack, former member of THE YACKS group, joined the group.

The photo corresponds to the last formation, in the concert tribute to the Music of the 60s, July 13, 2018, Park of La Pobla de Vallbona.

For the second time, in 2019, the group is invited to participate in the Cliff Richard & The Shadows event, in the 67th Convention.

On this occasion, after the experience of our first time, it was very nice for us to meet again an audience that appreciates our music so much and the friends with whom we manintain great friendships.

At the end of that same year 2019, given the impossibility of Martin Yack to continue with the group, a new member joined, Victor Roselló, an excellent drummer with experience from the 60s, who comes from the Valencian group INERCIA.

At the beginning of 2020, the rehearsals began, made difficult by the declaration of a pandemic, as a result of the Covid, which forced the group to suspend them.

However, although without a physical presence, the group continues to rehearse through social networks and even edits a video recorded from each one's home.

The first concert, with the new formation, takes place in the month of July, being broadcast by streaming.

It was a good concert, with great repercussions on the networks.

Since those dates, the jaguars have continued doing various concerts, rehearsing and preparing new commitments.

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